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Grim, but not Evil

3 May 1970
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If you're inquiring as to who I am, at this stage the name you know would be either Dan, or Grim. If you know one but not the other, then you're either an old friend (nothing wrong with that,) or a SCAdian (nothing wrong with that either.) If you know neither, then you might have met me at Denny's on Thursday nights, I'm the bearded loudmouth who isn't Seamus. :) Up until March 2005, I had long hair.

As far as some introductory data goes, "Hotspurre" is a more period rendering of "Hotspur," which was the nickname applied to one Henry Percy in the... drat, I forgot which century (Bad SCAdian! No donut,) 15th, I think. Primarily I liked the character in Henry IV part 1, so I adopted as a sort of a casual use internet nickname, using the older spelling for uniqueness' sake. It works, too, I've never had any trouble using it as a handle on one of these things. ;)

Other random bits, as the parenthesis just said, I'm a in the SCA, which means that I tell period stories wheneve I can, and dress up in heavy leather, metal, and plastic on mondays and try to whack a few otherwise perfectly nice gentlemen with a stick of rattan. More often, these gentelmen hit me, I'm afraid. Some of them hit like a truck, too...

Here's a new random bit, I work with old Norse Poetry. A fair amount of it, really. If you want some advice on that, just let me know. I may post "test pages" for reference web pages on this site.